Facebook to Introduce Disaster Response Tools In India- A New Way To Tackle Disaster

One of the giant of social media Facebook has geared up all to introduce a new sort of technology to help the disaster prone areas.Facebook has teamed with National Disaster Management Authority and a non profit organisation- SEEDS – to offer tools to these agencies in an attempt to help them respond more effectively to natural disasters.
Facebook would be bringing in disaster maps that would explain aspects such as movement of people and concentration of Facebook users in a particular area before and after calamity.
According to the Facebook Head Of Programs in India, Ritesh Mehta, the intention behind introducing these initiatives is to help improve response efforts to natural disasters in India. He added saying that before and after any crisis, the response organisations require accurate information to help the communities to respond, recover and rebuild.
He further added that the traditional communication channels are often offline and due to that it takes more time and resources to understand where help is desperately required.
India is the largest Facebook user country about 241 million user’s leaving USA behind with 240 million users. Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide, with a global user of approx 2.07 Billion.
However, through the medium of Facebook, in case there is an area that has a high concentration of Facebook users suddenly goes offline, even that data insight can be used to rush service in that area.
The Disaster tool map was introduced globally in June 2017. It uses aggregated location information that users have chosen to share with Facebook.These tools have already been deployed in Peru and the US.
Facebook’s Disaster Management Initiatives
  • The social media platform has been increasingly used in the past by users to connect and extend support to their loved ones in disaster affected areas.
  • The platform already has a safety check feature that allows users to notify their friends and family are safe.
  • Besides this, Facebook is also holding its first annual Disaster Report Summit in India with NDMA that will bring together many humanitarian organisations to help train and discuss how technology can be used to devise better responses to natural disasters and subsequent recovery.
  • The programme, which is being executed by SEEDS , will establish a network of volunteers to provide real-time, first hand information to inform government relief efforts through Facebook Workplace platform.
  • The programme will be piloted first in two disaster prone states- Assam and Uttarakhand.
It is one of the best initiatives taken as social media is the biggest platform nowadays.Millions of people use it today and help is also being provided via this platform.It is a great move by Facebook and Co. to assure that help can be provided at the time of need.

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