Kulbhushan Jadhav Allowed to Meet His Family


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Kulbhushan Jadhav arrested in Iran for spying over Pakistan and provoking separatist for internal movement.

Kulbhushan Jadhav one of the Indian national was finally allowed to meet his wife and mother.He was imprisoned by Pakistan Last year on March 3 in Balochistan.He was arrested on the charges of the spying Pakistan for RAW India.He is facing the death penalty in Pakistan which has been restricted by International Court of Justice.

Pakistan states that Kulbhushan Jadhav is serving Indian Navy and was purposely posted in Iran.He is a RAW agent and involved in destabilizing inner Pakistan.He is accused of terrorist activities in Pakistan.The Indian government denied all the statement of Pakistan and said that he was an ex-Indian Navy Official who took retirement in the year 2001 only.There is no relation between Kulbhushan Jadhav and India after then.On April 2017 he was sentenced to death by a secret army court in Pakistan which was restricted by ICJ in May 2018.

Kulbhushan Jadhav: The story so far

A Maharashtrian born boy who was arrested in Balochistan on account of gathering important information of Pakistan.Pakistan government accuses him as he started gathering pieces of information in Pakistan just after the attacks on Parliament in India under Research and Analysis Wing of India.After 2003, he started a small business in Chabahar, Iran and started to gather important of Pakistan.He was arrested there during counterintelligence raid which was conducted by security forces.After his arrest, he was shifted to Islamabad for further interrogation.

Pakistan stated that he was in Chabahar with a fake visa with a name Mubarak Patel from India.His main motive was to destabilize Pakistan by launching a separatist movement in Balochistan against Pakistan.He was in contact with many separatists in Balochistan and fuelling violence in the Baloch province.According to Pakistan high Officials Jadhav has also admitted that he and RAW were involved in financially supporting the Baloch separatists.

In reply to the Pakistan officials and reports, India clearly denied any links between Jadhav and RAW.The Indian government clearly stated that there are no links between him and the government since his retirement and also demanded consular access to him which was denied by Pakistan.

He was penalized with the death sentence by a special court of Pakistan which was further obstructed by India.The case is taken to International Court of Justice and sooner there will be a hearing on it.

After a duration of 22 months, finally, Pakistan has allowed the family of Kulbhushan Jadhav to meet his family.His wife and mother were given Pakistani visa for the meeting.It is for the first time since his arrest that any Indian personal was allowed to meet him.In the meeting of Mr. Jadhav, there was a glass in between them so as to have no physical contact with him and his family.They used a com speaker to talk under the custody of Indian diplomat who was barred from speaking or listening anything of the conversation.The Pakistan officials stated that they used a glass slab in between Mr. Jadhav and his family due to security reasons as they did not want any physical contact.

While some media officials stated it as consular access given to Mr. Jadhav but the Pakistani officials made clear all the things and stated that it was just ‘humanitarian’ considerations.They did not want any complications in their case in the ICJ so they allowed meeting Mr. Jadhav with his family.

While Pakistan is in full mood of proving Kulbhushan Jadhav as a terrorist who was trying to provoke Baloch separatist and destabilize the Balochistan province.India is still denying the fact and saying that he has been kidnapped from Pakistan and has been allegedly accused.There is no truth in the words of Pakistan.

It is a matter of time what happens to Mr. Jadhav and what is the decision of International Court Of Justice.But the steps of Pakistan has surely assured that he is safe till now.The Higher authority of Pakistan also released some pictures of the meeting between Mr. Jadhav and his family.In the pictures, it was seen that there was presence of some cut marks on his head.The Pakistani authority also released his health report in which his health was seen good.According to a Dubai based doctor, his Height by weight index was good and appropriate.

There will be sooner a hearing in the ICJ and both India and Pakistan would be eagerly waiting for the verdict.

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